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How We’re Different


There are plently of agencies that specialize in Google Ads. Here’s how we stand out…

Expert Guidance

  • With the data from your ad and analytics accounts, Adaptimize Marketing makes small, incremental adjustments that help guide Google Ads machine learning to repeatedly deliver cost-effective results.

Launch with Success

  • Through extremely thorough keyword research, we discover the best, relevant mid to bottom funnel, on-brand keywords in your industry.

  • Using a refined keyword list, we utilize tightly knit ad themes to create ad campaigns designed to win right out the gate.

On-Brand Messaging


  • With our expertise & your industry knowledge, Adaptimize Marketing coordinates ad copy research, creation and implementation prior to launching ads, so the right message(s) are put in front of the right people, at the right time, every time.
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Transparent Pricing


  • We have no hidden fees or up charging, so you'll always know what you'll pay.

Personalized Reporting


    • We provide personalized bi-monthly reports to:
      • Tell the story behind that data
      • Say what is working
      • Say what is not working
      • Provide next steps on how we’ll incrementally improve overall results.
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Tired of mediocre results? Let's Talk!

We'd love to find out what your business goals are and to show you how we can help your business succeed with Google Ads.

Industries We’ve Served


Here are the industries we’ve worked with in the past and who we continue working with:

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Business Services

Home services, Human Resources & Recruiting, Legal Services, Marketing

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Consumer Goods

Apparel and Fashion, Beauty and Personal care, Food & Beverage, Furniture and Home Goods

Business Services

Financial Services

Investment Management, Accounting & Tax Services, Real Estate Financing, Wealth Management 



Dental, Medical Practices, Physical Therapy, Mental Health & Wellness, Medical Devices



SaaS, Cloud Computing & Hosting, eCommerce and Online Marketplace, Cybersecurity & Data Protection

The Road to Success Starts Here


We start with a phone call to learn about your business and digital advertising goals.



Audit & Proposal

Next, we’ll preform a thorough analysis of your digital marketing strategy and use our findings to build a personal proposal complete with actionable insights.


You can implement our plan on your own, or we can do that for you.


Is Google Ads a Good Fit for Your Marketing Strategy?


See for yourself.


Search campaigns create text ads on Google’s search results that let you reach people that are researching, considering or looking to buy the products or services you offer.


Display campaigns let you reach relevant audiences with visually engaging ads as they browse millions of websites, apps, and Google-owned properties.



Video campaigns generate compelling video ads that engage relevant audiences in a variety of different ways on YouTube and across video partner sites.


Standard Shopping campaigns promote e-commerce business's products by showing prospective customers a photo of your products, a title, price, store name, reviews, and more.


Local service campaigns connect qualified businesses with people who search on Google for services you offer in your area. Best of all, you only pay if a customer contacts you directly through your ad. 


App campaigns promote your app across: Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, and within other apps and mobile websites on the Display Network.


Discovery campaigns let you share your brand’s story through highly visual, personalized ad experiences that target people across Google’s feed when people are ready to discover new products or services. 


Remarketing campaigns show ads to people that have previously visited your website or used your app. Standard remarketing uses lists to accomplish this, while dynamic remarketing shows previous visitors the exact product or service they viewed on your website.

Performance Max

Performance Max campaigns use a mix of machine learning and automation to help advertisers execute specific conversion goals across: Display, Search, Maps, Discover Feed, YouTube, Gmail and Shopping Ads network.

Cost-effective PPC Management Built to Win


Our strategies will maximize your results while minimizing your spending. Thanks to our consistent, thorough account management, we create and optimize PPC strategies that win and deliver a high volume of results for the best costs possible.



Adaptimize Marketing gets it done! I have been impressed with their marketing skills and agility to refine and improve my agency’s results with 7 of our clients. As a result, I highly recommend them for Google Ads related services.

Local Web Marketing Systems

Adaptimize Marketing was extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and patient throughout the entire process of creating and implementing our Google Ad. I found them to be thorough and thoughtful in their responses and willing to teach what was needed so that everyone involved understood the process and his decision-making. They were also transparent if they felt we needed to shift direction, always keeping our best interest in mind.

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