Who is Adaptimize Marketing?

Learn about our company and what we can do for you.

Our Story


In August of 2021, Adaptimize Marketing was created by Ben Thompson. Through his six internships with various companies and agencies in college, Ben saw a need for transparent, honest Google Ads services that shied away from “set it and forget it” dishonest practices.

After getting the “entrepreneur itch”, Ben decided to do more and be better by creating Adaptimize Marketing. Since then, Adaptimize Marketing has transformed several agencies and businesses ad accounts to see steady, incremental results by engaging and connecting with prospective consumers in more meaningful ways.

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About Us


Adaptimize Marketing (AM) is a Google Ads agency that helps our clients adapt, optimize and win through cutting edge Google ads best practices backed by years of experience. AM serves small to mid-sized businesses in all industries throughout the United States.

In a dynamic, often uncertain world, we understand how important it is to see cost-effective, reliable results. With marketing often feeling like a gamble for smaller brands, we believe marketing should be transparent, sustainable, and consistent. As such, we empower our clients, both big and small, with the necessary resources to transition your business from surviving to thriving. We do this by adapting, optimizing, and scaling your campaigns to reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

How Google Ads Work


How Many People Can I Reach?

You can easily reach hundreds or thousands of prospective users using Google Ads, depending on how niche your products, services and keywords are. 

How Can I Target My Consumers?

A wide selection of targeting options are available on Google ads. These options include: keywords, remarketing and lookalike audiences, affinity audiences, in-market segments, and more! 

What Can I Control?

You can control your: campaign budget, ad copy, campaign and ad group types and targeting options. You can also guide search queries and metrics to optimize for your desired result(s).

How Much Should I Spend?

There is no minimum amount you have to spend to succeed.

See FAQS for more details.

When Can I See Results?

Typically you'll be able to see results in 2-4 weeks whereas with SEO it takes 4-6 months to see results.

Is Google Ads For Every Business?

No. Some niche brands may not be able to use Google Ads effectively or at all because of keyword or Google policy limitations.