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There are lots of marketing agencies that offer “cheap” Google Ads services. They might be good for your budget, but they’re terrible for your business. Here’s why:

Expertise is never cheap.

Training and hiring top Google Ads talent takes a lot of time and money.

Agencies that don’t invest in finding Google Ads experts will give you people who won’t know the ins and outs of Google Ads.

That means…

Burning money
Confused person at computer

They can’t solve unexpected problems or provide comprehensive solutions.

Google Ads is dynamic by nature. This means unforeseen challenges will come up that can’t be solved with a few clicks, a quick Google search, or a simple YouTube tutorial.

Amateurs hired by cheap agencies lack the skill set to anticipate these unique challenges and provide comprehensive solutions.


They will set and forget your campaigns.

Making Google Ads profitable requires consistent monitoring, the right strategy, timing, and expert judgment.

This level of coverage requires a lot of time. Cheap PPC agencies cannot afford to invest the time necessary to cover everything your business needs.


As a result…

You will receive insufficient support that will compromise the quality of your Google Ads management.

Computer error

Avoid the headache and wasted spend.

With Adaptimize Marketing, You Get More For Every Dollar Spent

Profit-Focused Campaigns

We are dedicated to achieving one goal: To make YOU more money.



Budget-Friendly Fees

Other agencies charge 35% of ad spend and more. Spend less, achieve more.




Dedication to your success

Get a dedicated Google Ads expert that regularly optimizes your accounts toward achieving your marketing goals.





Thorough client management

Stay in the know” about what’s happening in your account, and what results to expect.




Don’t See the Service You Need?


Let us connect you with our partner, Arctic Marketing Solutions. They can help you with the following:

Keep you brand consistent with everything you do online.

 Rank for keywords that you want to be found for.


 Upgrade your look or get a whole new website that is user-friendly and conversion focused.


Various services to help you grow your social media presence.

Create or update a logo that you can be proud of.

 Get your brand seen on Facebook to grow your following.